How to stop fooling yourself.

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There are approximately 2825 billionaires, but only a handful go around the world sharing the wisdom they have gained from their life and professional experience. One of them is Ray Dalio.

Four months ago, I hadn’t even heard of the guy, but I can now certainly say that stealing certain methods from his playbook has impacted the way I perceive life events. In his TED talk, Dalio recounted how he used to be an arrogant jerk in his mid-20s, and traversing through multiple cycles of falling and rising helped him understand how the world truly worked.

In over five decades…

It’s how you react that counts.


How many times have you stressed over deciding between two close options? I’m not talking about deciding where to dine, or which show to binge after dinner, or which shirt to wear to the office.

I’m talking about the more difficult, life-altering decisions. The ones where choices come with a one-way pass — once you walk through that door, there’s no coming back. The door gets slammed on your way out.

If two companies offer to hire you, should you choose the firm that pays more, or one that provides a better office culture, or one that’s closer to your…

The question isn’t whether you think, rather when you think

Both cases involve thinking, the order is what makes the difference (Source: Author)

I don’t know who you are, but I do know that if you’re reading this, you are someone who likes to read and think.

You also hold opinions, and you are fully capable of thrashing my opinions if you want to. And you are capable of reasoning and defending why you feel the way you do.

Gifted with this amazing ability to “Imagine”, we create and tell stories that reflect our perceptions of reality. You can show me a couple of cute puppy videos and make me fall in love with those little, adorable canines. …

Deception in a field that is meant to unravel reality

The cover of Bourbaki’s textbook. Maitrier/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA

Today, there is a book for almost anything and everything, and one can get access to any question at the turn of a page. However, whatever access we have to theory today has been made possible by the work of scientists over the last century, efforts which compounded over and yielded results.

If you were a high schooler in the earlier half of the 20th century, your access to even the most basic mathematical concepts was restricted due to the lack of authentic and quality knowledge.

A fleet of mathematicians was killed in the First World War, fragmenting the field…

The most comprehensive study ever done, on well-being


We, humans, are complicated. And happiness is one of the most complicated emotions we experience. Our life is often a pursuit to unravel its meaning.

Everyone has their own definition of happiness. We live, grow, and evolve, and as we do, our definition of happiness changes.

Harvard researchers analyzed gigabytes of scientific data to figure out what makes people truly happy.

Having worked as a science researcher for the last 4 years, I’ve now become a bit skeptical of the word “science”, as I see it being thrown around everywhere these days. …

Explaining Economy minus all the jargon

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Once I graduated with my Master’s in Chemical Engineering, I was ready to enter the “real world” as they called it, to officially become a contributing member to the economy.

Our career counseling sessions helped us come up with multiple parameters to decide the desired career trajectory for ourselves. The amount of money one makes in their job, was one of the many parameters.

I was interested to know what exactly it was that made one job more rewarding in monetary terms, over another job. What made one job more valuable to the economy?

Elon Musk says “You get paid…

Analyzing and replicating the fundamentals behind TED’s success

Roosterific / CC0

A TED Talk is quite similar to a college lecture, as the speaker is generally an expert presenting years of research in a condensed 18 minutes. However, instead of yawning off, the audience here listens to them with intent, and the videos amass millions of views online.

In the last 3 years, I’ve organized 2 Bootcamps, each aimed at inculcating entrepreneurial skills in first-time college entrepreneurs. For panel talks and seminars, we would invite people who’d already ‘made it’ in some way, to discuss their experiences with the Bootcamp participants.

To enhance the overall engagement of our seminars, we researched…

What made the brand successful, and what can potentially kill it

An Adidas Yeezy. By andreimihaiducu from Pixabay

The chances are pretty high, that you’ve already heard of The Yeezy. It’s the sneaker brand of Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas, and now Gap.

To grab these babies, people across the U.S. would camp outside shoe stores in dead cold winter, hire taskers to wait in line on their behalf, and even deploy sneaker-buying bots to nab a pair online before they sell out.

Those who are unable to purchase these within the few precious seconds before they sell out, end up spending thousands of dollars over the market value to purchase them in the resale market.


Complete analysis of what transformed the company into a $13 Billion behemoth

That thing in his Hand? Nope. Not a Pen Drive. That’s a Juul.

The detrimental health effects of cigarettes are well known now, and consumers all over the world have been trying to get rid of their addiction.

It’s no surprise then that the E-Cigarette market size stands at over $12 billion today and is increasing at a massive CAGR of 20% YoY.

Where there’s a problem with a big enough market size that’s growing, you’ll always find some hungry entrepreneurs, sulking in the shadows.

Hence, in this piece, I’ll discuss the clever tactics played by Juul — The largest player in the US E-Cigarette space, sitting at a valuation of $13 Billion

Expand your customer base in a dynamic, competitive market

By Author. Don’t worry, I’ll explain this in a while.

Say you’re running a business, creating profit, and some goodwill. You’ve been doing so for quite some time. Now one day, this new player comes in town who offers a product similar to yours but at a lower price. How would you respond?

Or better, say you’re this new player and you wish to enter into the game but notice there’s already an incumbent that offers similar product offerings in a similar price range. What would you do?

Or even better. Say you want to expand your business while maintaining a healthy profit margin. What should you do?

How would…

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